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price : $649.00


metron is a 16 channel trigger and gate sequencer for your eurorack modular system with loads of intuitive functionality, expansion capabilities, and the tools you need to create longer sequences with tons of variation at your fingertips.

16 channels of trigger and gate signals
view 4 channels at a time and easily switch views
single track view lets you zoom in on a single track and see 64 steps at a time
up to 256 step pattern length
different pattern lengths per channel
five instantly recallable, editable variations
view and edit variations that are not playing for easy cue and non stop performance play
save patterns to sd memory for easy recall on power cycle
no-stop loading from memory
easy view memory previews lets you see a pattern before loading from memory.
sd allows for easy update as well as easy back up / file transfer from unit to unit
fx / fills for instant / momentary variation
2 assignable inputs for external cv control
tap in patterns with quantized recording with the buttons or external source
quick copy / paste / clear functions
internal clock with swing
dedicated reset output
midi preset mode lets you send midi messages to other modules on the doepfer cv bus. (for use with wmd ssm, malekko voltage block, and more)
random pattern generation
probability per step and group probability functions
burst per step for ratchet / roll sounds
custom fill patterns for instant fills
trigger mutes
step looping
manual gates
so much more!

width: 36hp (182.75mm)
height: eurorack 3u (128.5mm panel, 112mm pcb behind panel)
depth including cables: 31mm

16 pin eurorack standard power cable
90 degree, low profile connection
reverse polarity protected
do not connect power to expansion headers.
typical power consumption: +12v: 180ma, -12v: 0ma
maximum power consumption: +12v: 240ma, -12v: 0ma
start up time: 2.5 seconds to splash screen, 6 seconds total
inrush current: 50ma
clock in, reset in: 100kΩ impedance, logic high, schmitt trigger, 2.2v threshold
assgn1 in, assgn2 in: 124kΩ impedance, 0v to 5v analog
syncbus normals to clock in, reset in jacks
usb mini: for catastrophic bootloader reinstallation, not expected to be used
norm/usb switch must be set to norm for normal operation
exp (x2): proprietary expansion/chain connector, 8 pins idc
must have exp term on either header if unused
must have exp term (x2) at both ends of chain if used
select bus: 47kΩ input impedance, buffered, active low. 3.3v and 5v compatible. software selectable.

channel outputs 1-16: 470Ω impedance, 0v or 10v logic high.
channels are simultaneously updated
channel leds reflect real-time output state
clock out, reset out: 470Ω impedance, 0v or 10v logic high.
select bus: 50Ω output impedance, active low, 47kΩ pull up.
3.3v and 5v compatible. software selectable inbound.

manual is available here.

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