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mme expansion

price : $99.00

voltage control per segment
bipolar attenuators per segment
end of segment trigger outputs
segment active leds
gate on reset behavior switch
gate & envelope strength leds
trigger length trimmer
retrigger input
hold input
adr timescale calibrated input
total power: -38ma, +104ma

the multimode envelope expansion module introduces a number of useful elements including voltage control, trigger outputs, and behavior control.

expansion controls and i/o

cv inputs and attenuator knobs - these dedicated cv inputs and bipolar attenuators give massive control over the shape of the envelope by allowing each segment to be cv controlled. bipolar attenuators allow inversion of the source signal. a 12 o'clock position will yield no change from the control voltage. spin cw for normal operation, ccw for inverted cv control. each input is calibrated so when set to maximum cw, one volt will double the rate the segment.

eoa, eod, eos, eor - these output triggers go off when the respective segment comes to an end. useful for triggering other modules for complex timings. standard trigger length is 10ms. this can be trimmed on the back of the module.

retrig - this trigger input will cause the envelope to return to the attack segment if the envelope is already in progress. if the envelope is not running (no lights on), retriggers will be ignored.

hold - apply a signal to this input to pause/hold the envelope. use for stepping the envelope or halting motion during complex patches.

adr timescale - this cv input affects the attack, decay and release segments speed equally. the multimode envelope is designed so that this input will make each segment track reasonably close to 1v/octave.

reset on gate - this switch determines whether the envelope will reset to 0 volts when a new trigger or gate is applied if the output is above 0 volts. it does not affect retrig.

construction & powery
the multimode envelope is a hybrid digital and analog envelope generation module.

current draw:
+12 rail: 49ma, 104ma with expansion
-12 rail: 27ma, 38ma with expansion
all cv inputs are 100k impedance. trigger outputs are 1k impedance, cv outputs are 470 ohm impedance.

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