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Aperture aperture
Arpitecht arpitecht
Buffered Mult buffered mult
Chimera chimera
Compressor compressor
Digital VCA digital vca
Fracture fracture
Gamma Wave Source gamma wave source
Geiger Counter geiger counter
Invert Offset MKII invert offset mkii
Micro Hadron Collider micro hadron collider
MME Expansion mme expansion
MSCL mscl
Multimode Envelope multimode envelope
Multimode VCA multimode vca
Overseer overseer
Performance Mixer performance mixer
Phase Displacement Oscillator Mark II

phase displacement oscillator mark ii

PM Channels pm channels
PM Mutes pm mutes
Pro Oputput pro output
Quad AAF quad aaf
Sequential Switch Matrix sequential switch matrix
Sequential Switch Matrix Expand sequential switch matrix expand
Soft Start Machine soft start module
Synchrodyne synchrodyne
Synchrodyne Expand synchrodyne expand
Triad: Arpitecht Companion Module triad: arpitecht companion module
Triple Bipolar VCA triple bipolar vca


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