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price : $249.00


pm - db25 is a proprietary expand module for the wmd performance mixer that allows for direct access to each output, balanced, including channels expand and the main outs.

connect a db25 snake to your choice of connector on the other end and record each individual out without destruction from the faders or mutes. reference the stereo recording while making edits in your daw or tape machine.

individual balanced outs for every channel, including the master l/r
pre fader outputs for non-destructive recording
two db25 connectors allow you to use a snake with connections of your choice
connects to your performance mixer and channels expander in the back and keeps your patch clean

power: +12v = 150ma; -12v = 150ma
size: 4hp
depth: 40mm
output impedance: 60 ohms
output drivers: 16x that1646
thd+n: <0.1%
nominal output level: +4dbu

the connection guide is available here.

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