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sequential switch matrix expand

price : $149.00

gate/trigger outputs of each route
gates mirror routing leds
triggers occur on steps
step output for cv and step/reset
retrigger gates on step optional
gate/trig behavior invertable
cv and knob for trigger length
four bit dac outputs for outs 3/4
skiffable pcb design
8 hp
+40ma/-3ma current consumption

expand concept:
the ssm expand 8 hp module provides extended functionality of the ssm.
gate/trig: gate (green led lit) provides 10v outputs for each routing button. it mirrors the routing shown by the ssm leds. trig mode (red led lit) will output a trigger when a step (cv, step/gate or reset) is taken. pushing a routing button will not change the output thus providing synchronized triggers.

trigger length: cv and knob provide adjustable trigger length.

retrig on step: when on, gates and triggers will retrigger quickly when a step is taken.

invert behavior: when on, routings that are off will produce on triggers or gates.

dac3/4: two 4 bit dac outputs that output a weighted 4 bit voltage between 0 and 5 volts. from routing columns 3 and 4.

step: outputs a trigger for each step, reset or cv change that is made to the ssm.

installation: connect the 20 pin ribbon cable to the gtexp header on the ssm, and the tossm connector on the expand. red stripe down.

specs: 8 hp. 25mm depth. 10v gate outputs. current consumption is +40ma, -3ma. 12 month warranty.

click here for the users manual.

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