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price : $179.00


the volt is a precision voltage source and offset generator for eurorack modular synthesizers.

with it's 14v range (-7v to +7v), volt can be used to calibrate oscillators, filter tracking, or anything that needs a 1v/oct calibration.

volt has two buttons. push the top to increase the voltage by one volt. push the bottom button to decrease the voltage by one volt. push both buttons at once to reset the voltage back to a known value.

volt has 3 voltage inputs and 3 voltage outputs. the input signal is summed with the voltage source, generating offsets of 1v or 1 octave at a time. this means it can be used as a precision octave switch for oscillators that lack the functionality. create variation in your sequences with a quick touch of a button.

volt's octave buttons can also be switched via external gates, essentially making it an octave sequencer. one input causes it to go up, and the other causes it to go down. two gates at once will reset the voltage back to your set value. running basslines and melodies through volt to be sequenced up and down by octaves is a very effective and a fun way to work.

volt is extremely precise. an offset error of +-1mv and a gain error of 0.033% make volt the perfect tool for calibration.
14v range
3 in / 3 out precision adding
gate inputs for sequence octaves with external cv
user set-able reset point for more control

size: 4hp
depth: 30mm (with cables)
power: 34ma, -17ma
trigger inputs: 100k ohm impedance
cv inputs: 100k ohm impedance sums with out.
output: 220 ohm impedance 22vpp range, -7v to +7v offset offset error +-1mv gain error 0.033

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