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xaoc decices

price : $280.00

xaoc ostankino
model 1966 sequence commander

the ostankino expansion module is designed to work with a dual moskwa setup, adding a huge amount of functionality to you sequencing setup. both moskwa units chained up to ostankino can operate independently or linked. you can rock the 16-step sequence or cut it in halves, manually or via cv. the cv and gate signals are available from summed outputs. also, the ostankino sports individual clock outputs for both sequencers but what's more important - 2 sets of 8 individual trigger/gate sockets. another great feature is a possibility of dialing the desired step via cv.

product main features:
voltage and manual control over 2 moskwa sequencer units
synced dual 8-step patterns or merged 16-step sequences
individual clock outputs for each sequencer unit
individual gate/trigger outputs for every step on each sequencer unit
voltage controlled step dialing
summed cv and gate outputs

eurorack standard synthesizer module, fully doepfer compatible
10 hp wide
requires 2 moskwa modules
no direct power connection needed
limited run of 100 units only

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