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xaoc decices

price : $199.00


samara is a "swiss army knife" type of module, intended to serve the most common voltage and audio signal processing purposes such as attenuation, offsetting, mixing, inverting, and even basic waveshaping. samara features four channels-each with two inputs and an attenuator, additional switchable offset generators, four voltage level and polarity indicators, two adders with switchable scale, and a precision four-channel processor that selects minimum and maximum voltage.

four attenuation channels
two offset channels
four inverters
one four-channel mixer
two double-channel mixers
mixing of up to eight signals when using inverted inputs
minimum/maximum selection circuit
basic waveshaping

eurorack synth compatible
10hp, skiff friendly
current draw: +25ma / -20ma
reverse power protection

download the users manual here.

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