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price : $215.00

sewastopol allows you to interface your modular system with the outside world in many ways. actually, there are 3 submodules in one compact package. the lower section can be used as input and output audio interface and external effects adaptor, while the upper section is an innovative voltage extractor consisting of a versatile, very accurate envelope follower and comparator. either section can be used independently.

external effects adaptor
audio input & output interface
versatile envelope follower with 2 wide ranges of operation and low cut filter
voltage comparator with hysteresis circuit
soft clipping option
internal normalizations
reverse power protection

technical details:
eurorack standard compliant
8 hp wide
25 mm deep (skiff friendly)
12/-12v powered
current draw: 40 ma

an universal breakout module is planned to allow instant access to jumpers.

click here for the user manual.

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