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tirana ii

price : $210.00

Tirana II

information regarding the tirana ii will be soon forthcoming! in the meantime, here is the info regarding version i....

tirana is a super-compact step sequencer and modulation source, serving as the utility module for supporting other sequencing devices, but due to a suite of smart features, the module shines on its own terms. tirana sports unipolar and bipolar voltages, mutable step trigerring, transposition, and direction change contolled externally via cv. the step repeat function and virtually infinite expandability make it even more powerful.

4 steps of pitch and trigger impulse generation
step repetition (up to 4 note events per step)
unipolar and bipolar voltages
mutable trigger (per step)
direction change via cv
trasposition via cv
reset via cv

eurorack standard synthesizer module, fully doepfer compatible
6 hp wide
±12v powered
backward power protection
current draw: 30 ma
skiff friendly (40 mm)

download the users manual here.

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