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dual vca (assembled)

price : $85.00

Dual VCA

dual vca (diy kit; assembly required)

price : $55.00

the dual vca is a 2 channel dc coupled ota linear vca based on the same fabled design of the vnicursal vca. the 2 vcas are summed together so it can be used as a voltage controlled mixer or all 3 outs can be used separately and simultaneously. being based on the most recent revision of the vnicursal vca this 2hp version has pcb offset trimmers for extra silent operation with zero bleed.

like entropy the 2hp s/h noise module, this circuit pushes the limits of through hole design and the size constraints associated with 2 horizontal pitches. these modules might have trouble fitting next to other modules with deep/wide circuit guts. 3hp panels might also be offered in the future.

max depth: 60mm
panel is made of ⅛" laser cut acrylic

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