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żłob modular
entropy (assembled)

price : $90.00


entropy (diy kit; assembly required)

price : $60.00

entropy, the 2hp sample and hold noise module's panel is done. since some components leak into the 3rd hp, i just made a 3hp panel for it as well. so v1 can still fit into 2hp it just depends what you put next to the module.

also note the module is a bit deep at 62mm with the power cable(because of all through hole design, to accommodate sdiy), it fits in my skiff but may or may not in all skiffs.

s/h with white noise normalled to the input. and a pcb trimmer to adjust the spread(gain) of voltages out
all analog white, pink, and brown(red) noise 10vpp∼(dependent on white gain trim)
and a smooth (infra red) random cv out 0-5v range, although offset can be tweaked with pcb trimmer.

panels are laser cut ⅛" acrylic. bom is in the diy section.

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