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zlob modular
t.h. svf

price : $130.00

4hp, 2-pole, 12db, state variable filter

2 audio ins: in i: ac coupled, in ii: dc coupled

2 cv ins: one 1v/oct matched transistor/temperature compensated in(accepts +/- voltage), and another envelope/exponential cv in with attenuator(accepts +/- voltage).

low pass, band pass, and high pass out

current consumption: +12v: 23ma max, -12v: 13ma max

depth: 46mm deep, skiff friendly.

reverse power protected

panel is made of laser cut acrylic. based on the thomas henry vcf-1

the zlob modular t.h. svf filter does self oscillate at full resonance with no external audio input. there are two resonance settings selectable by a jumper on the pcb: max resonance produces a trapezoid wave while min resonance(jumper in left/up position) produces an almost sine like waveform. with the newest revision, max resonance is in the up position and trimmed resonance is in the bottom position.

the filter can also be used as an lfo through audio range oscillator, although higher registers experience amplitude/wave shape fluctuations. when self oscillating with an external audio source present, the filter produces pseudo chaotic instabilities which are also dependent on the resonance settings, and overdriving or attenuating the audio ins.

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