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fuzz factory

price : $299.00

Fuzz Factory

you've been waiting all your life for the zvex fuzz factory eurorack module. over the years we've fielded many many requests from the synth community for a fuzz factory that would behave the same way for them as the fuzz factory does for guitarists. the self oscillation, the gating, the gooey sticky velcro tearing fuzz, all of that strange wonderful interactive excitement has arrived in this incredibly controllable box of mayhem. we wish the original was this fun...time for a re-design!

basic controls include: three position range switch settings of 0db, -20db, and -40db, critical for fixing the operating level. knobs and cv ins for the standard fuzz factory controls gate, comp, drive, and stab. new knobs and cv ins for input level, input impedance, fatness and dry/wet mix.

format: eurorack
power: +12: +80ma / -12: 40ma
width: 14hp
depth: 26mm

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