friday, april 11, 2014

schippmann phs-28 stereo phaser now in-stock! other new euro modules include audio damage æverb, make noise teleplexer, 4ms qcd expander, mutable instruments frames, tides and yarns, pittsburgh modular lpg and the xaoc devices tirana!

all verbos electronics modules are currently in-stock including the harmonic oscillator. for diy customers we have the 4ms peg kit versions available.

more used eurorack gear being added every few days. check it out here!

new gear in-stock, last updated:
4ms pedals: qcd expenader
analogue solutions: oberkorn (eurorack)
animodule: anvilope and sob
arturia: microbrute
audio damage: æverb
beat box: a drum machine obsession
blue lantern: big twerp vcf, line level converter, mr. fill gates and simple hexagon vca
brownshoesonly: triple video lfo
circuit abbey: unify expander
delptronics: thunderclap amnesia
doepfer: a-100lc3, a-100pb and voltage controlled envelope generator vcadsr / vclfo
elektron: analog keys
eventide: h9
future retro: xs
future sound systems: convulsion generator fil1 and spectral devastator fil2
gieskes: voice rec-1b and voice rec-2c galilean moons
intellijel designs: atlantis, cylonix shapeshifter and or
kilpatrick audio: k2579 step sequencer and kmidi midi interface
korg: volca beats
l-1: 24-band vocoder, ac/dc mixer, microcompressor and mutant vactrol filter
make noise: teleplexer
mfb: dominion x and osc-03
modcan: dual freqshifter, dual phaser, multimode and quad envelope
mutable instruments: frames, tides and yarns
novation: bass station ii
pittsburgh modular: envelope, foundation 3.0, lopass gate, mix mult and waveforms
qu-bit elektronix: nebulæ
schippmann: cs-8 series phs-28
skychord electronics: cloudbuster
snazzy fx: telephone game
soundmachines: lp-1 lightplane
steady state fate: mixmode and mixmode expander
synthrotek: atari punk console, chaos nand and eko
tip top audio: rs808
trogotronic: m/679
verbos electronics: complex oscillator, dual four pole, harmonic oscillator and voltage multistage
wmd: sequential switch matrix and ssm expand
xoac devices: tirana

coming soon:
acidlab: 8cb, 8cyhh, 8hc, 8lmht, 8rs, ms2, div and robokop
blue lantern: tpc vco furtherrrr generator
itijik: router
intellijel designs: metropolis
macbeth studio systems: elements synthesizer
moog: sub37
nord: drum 2
pittsburgh modular: dna symbiotic waves, move[104], phase shifter and synthesizer box
subconscious communications: m52 vampire
subtlenoisemaker: cacophonator noir
the harvestman: polivoks modulator
touellskouarn: hirlostek and jedoniañ

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