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Subconscious Communications Model 53





new gear in-stock, last updated:
2hp: env, filt, lfo, nse, osc and rnd
addac system: addac705, addac800x and addac806
arc modular synthesizers: artificial neural network and noise rainbow
audio damage: shapes
blind monk modular: harmonic multipler
brownshoesonly: hexadirectional crossfader
bubblesound: m1
circuit abbey: noisy
doepfer: a-184-1 ring modulator / s&h/t&h / slew limiter combo
electro-acoustic research: model 41
erica synths: pico series
ieaskul f.mobenthey: igm keyboard with mr. grassi and mocante
intellijel designs: audio i/o 1u, audio i/o jacks 1u and mult 1u
koma elektronik: poltergeist
korg: minilogue
lzx industries: prismatic ray
make noise: blued steel case stand patchblocks
metasonix: f-2 preamp/distortion/wah
moog music: minimoog model d
mystic circuits: spectra mirror
pittsburgh modular: lifeforms sv-1 blackbox
plankton electronics: arrhythmia
praxis electronics: snake charmer out
qu-bit electronix: chord
roland: system-500 complete set
rossum electro-music: evolution
sunshine audio: harmonic decoder (eurorack) and origami orgasm (eurorack)
tiptop audio: rs909
thonk: music thing modular turing machine mkii full diy kit
toppobrillo: stereomix
verbos electronics: composition system
vermona: vcdrive
vintage synth lab: vcf-74

Mutable Instruments

coming soon:
art for the ears: 3u cheek standard, 3u dovetail skiff, 6u dovetail skiff, m2 boat and m2 eurorack rails
detroit underground: du-seq
expert sleepers: es-8
folktek: conduit and resist
lzx industries: cyclops
malekko heavy industry: power
meng qi music: karp
monome: ansible and arc
special stage systems: oscillographic block
tip top audio: mantis
wmd: performance mixer

our featured module:

Featured Module: Intellijel Designs Atlantis
itellijel designs atlantis

the atlantis is heavily inspired by the architecture and sound of the classic roland sh-101. it has always been one of intellijel's favorite synths. it is great how the seemingly limited architecture allowed for all sorts of creative and musically useful sounds to be easily generated. with the atlantis, just like the sh-101 before it, it is quick to dial in beautifully rich bass and lead sounds. however this module uses triangle core vcos (based on the dixie core) instead of a saw core. this allows it to respond much more musically to fm. the modulation oscillator can be used as an lfo or vco (at audio rate) and both track very precisely over 8 or more octaves.

normal price : $699.00
featured price : $599.00



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