new gear in-stock, last updated:
4ms: dual looping delay
animodule: midi_gate
aqa elektrix: triple envelope generator
arc modular synthesizers: artificial neural network and noise rainbow
audiothingies: ced
bastl instruments: cv trinity expander, knit rider expander, solenoid expander and spa
blind monk modular: harmonic multipler
blue lantern: accent asteroid bd 2016
catalyst audio: time's arrow
corsynth: vc noise / lo-fi machine
critter & guitari: septavox and terz amplifer
doepfer: dual buffered multiple
dr. scientist: the heisenberg
dwarfcraft devices: necromancer and yep
elektron: audio/cv split cable kit
erogenous tones: levit8
evanton technologies: sdiy mdrone
hikari instruments: eucrhythm
koma elektronik: poltergeist
landscape: human controlled tape transport
lzx industries: mapper and passage
malekko heavy industry: varigate 4
mannequins by whimsical raps: just friends
meng qi music: char and flat back busboard
møffenzeef mødular: gmø
mutable instruments: kinks
neutron sound: orgone accumulator
olegtron: confusor
pittsburgh modular: lifeforms system 201
rossum electro-music: evolution
schippmann: cs-8 series omega-phi
studio electronics: quadnic
teenage engineeering: po-12, po-14, po-16, po-20, po-24, and po-28
the harvestman: stillson hammer mk2
verbos electronics: logo patch cables, multiple, random sampling and sequence selector
wmd: protostar
xaoc devices: sewastopol

coming soon:
cg products: delay 1022 version 2, pcv1, pcv2, pcv3, x and xr22 vco version 2
macbeth studio systems: elements synthesizer
meng qi music: karp
touellskouarn: skorn da bask and sonveskañ

our featured module:

Featured Module: Mutable Instruments Edges
mutable instruments edges

edges is a module strictly focused on the straight lines, sharp edges and clinical harsh modulations of digital logic. its architecture is loosely based on classic 8-bit console soundchips, providing 4 simple voltage-controlled voices. each voice consists of a digital oscillator with two pitch cv inputs and a coarse pitch knob, with a gate input allowing the voice to be turned on/off without the need for an external vca. the 4 channels are sent to an onboard mixer- making edges easy to use for chord generation or heavy drone synthesis applications.

normal price : $339.00
featured price : $299.00


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