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Verbos Electronics

Intellijel Designs Cylonix Rainmaker ADDAC709c EHX C9 VC Organ Machine

new gear in-stock, last updated:
1010 music: bitbox
2hp: env, filt, lfo, nse, osc and rnd
addac system: addac102 vc fm radio (version 2) and addac709c ehx c9 vc organ machine
alm busy circuits: alm015 (akemie's taiko) and alm016 (pe-1)
arc modular synthesizers: artificial neural network and noise rainbow
art for the ears: m2 eurorack rails
audio damage: proton
blind monk modular: harmonic multipler
dave smith instruments: dsm03: feedback
detroit underground: du-seq
doepfer: a-111-2, a-111-3, a-138o, a-138p and a-184-2
electro-acoustic research: model 41
erica synths: pico series
expert sleepers: es-8
folktek: matter plug-in and card set 1
intellijel designs: 4u cases
jomox: t-rackonizer
lzx industries: cyclops
make noise: blued steel case stand patchblocks
malekko heavy industry: varigate 8
metasonix: d-2000 vacuum-tube drum machine
monome: ansible
moog music: sequencer complement b, model 15 and system 35
new england analog: nea-4019 (discrete vca)
pittsburgh modular: lifeforms percussion synthesizer
roland: tb-03 bass line, tr-09 rhythm composer and vp-03 vocoder
rossum electro-music: control forge
sunshine audio: harmonic decoder (eurorack) and origami orgasm (eurorack)
special stage systems: oscillographic block
synthrotek: adsr and adsr diy kit
tip top audio: mantis
thonk: music thing modular turing machine mkii full diy kit
toppobrillo: stereomix
waldorf music: dvca1
wmd: trshmstr
zvex modular: fuzz factory (eurorack) and instant lo-fi junky (eurorack)
żłob modular: dual vca, entropy and vnicursal vca

Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms

coming soon:
animodule: syncopated timing disruptor
art for the ears: 3u cheek standard, 3u dovetail skiff, 6u dovetail skiff and m2 boat
elektron: analog heat
meng qi music: karp
monome: arc
rabid elephant: knobs
tiptop audio: quantizer

our featured module:

Featured Module: Steady State Fate Gatestorm
steady state fate gatestorm

gatestorm, a collaborative module from erogenous tones and steady state fate, is designed to be an advanced gate generator with a highly flexible cv system with as much depth as you are willing to go. gatestorm was designed to be fun, intuitive, and more importantly, powerful. don't be overwhelmed by how much information is shown to you on it's integrated display, once you start using it, you will see just how important and useful seeing that much information becomes.

normal price : $599.00
featured price : $499.00

Grey Line

Moog Music System 35

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