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JoMoX AlphaBase Noise Engineering Xerest Pola

new gear in-stock, last updated:
2hp: mmf, play, vco and vowel
addac system: addac810
alm busy circuits: hpo
alright devices: chronoblob2
analogue solutions: generator
antimatter audio: v3kt
audio damage: adm23: eos
black corporation: deckard's dream assembled
circuit abbey: dlfo and liqidus
conjured circuits: cloak + dagger
delta sound labs: saber
dove audio: wtf oscillator
dreadbox: erebus v3
dwarfcraft devices: reese lightning fuzz and witch shifter
flame: curves
genus modu: low impedance bus board
grendel: drone commander classic pedal
grp synthesizer: a4
happy nerding: panmix jr.
instruo: troika
jomox: alpha base
make noise: quad peak animation system (qpas)
malekko heavy industry: manther and quad envelope
mannequins by whimsical raps: w/
metasonix: rk6 resonant lowpass filter
michigan synth works: sy0.5 analog drum module
møffenzeef mødular: intensifies
mutable instruments: tides2
mystic circuits: ana
noise engineering: ataraxic iteritas, lapsus os, muta jovis, pons asinorum, roti pola, sinc defero and soleo vero
omiindustriies: illyana
percussa: super signal processor
polyend: poly
prism: rings: alternate panel (black and gold)
qu-bit electronix: nebulae v2
retro mechanical labs: electron fuzz custom and guitar pedal interface
schlappi engineering: angle grinder
snyderphonics: manta and mantamate
spaceman effects: nebula
steady state fate: clone, detect-rx and muton
studio electronics: se-02 ext box
synthesis technology: e352 cloud terrarium vco
synthrotek: fold, lpg, mix, obey and vco
system80: 850
t-rex: replicator
tall dog electronics: μbraids se
the harvestman: model 1991 mark iii
trick's magic shop: presto chango and sleight of hand
triode pedals: astrolāb
vintage synth lab: d-env
verbos electronics: multi-delay processor euclidean circles v2, t43, trig31 and zeroscope
xaoc devices: sewastopol ii, tallin and zadar
zvex: tb-2 tea ball microphone

Mannequins by Whimsical Raps

coming soon:
4ms: wav recorder
happy nerding: panmix
rossum electro-music: trident
wmd: fracture

our featured modules:

Featured Module: WMD Aperture
wmd aperture

the aperture is a variable-width bandpass filter with fast and tactile
controls. it is capable of simple filtering, self oscillation fm timbres,
nasty acidic squelches, and capturing images of ufos descending
from the heavens on a cold winter's night.

normal price : $349.00
featured price : $279.00

Featured Module: Sputnik Modular Quad Function & Trigger Source
sputnik modular quad function & trigger source

the quad function & trigger source provides four independent or
paired (quadrature mode) function generators.

normal price : $299.00
featured price : $239.00

Grey Line

Noise Engineering

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