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play: silver front panel

price : $149.00

play: black front panel

price : $149.00

Play: Silver Front Panel

play is a high fidelity sample player with a full feature set.

up to 32 samples can be loaded at a time and dynamically switched between using the file knob and associated cv input. playback modes include one-shot, looping, or gated playback; all with extremely low latency. transform your samples by pitching them up two octaves or down three octaves, all with a pitch knob that can be free running or quantized to semitones. the pitch cv input tracks volt per octave across its entire range and allows for musical sequencing of samples. play ships with a pre loaded sd card packed with loops, drum hits, and field recordings to get you up and running immediately.

high fidelity sample playback
no naming convention or special formatting necessary
pitch cv input tracks volt per octave
low latency playback modes including one-shot, looping, or gated
feature set can be expanded and tweaked via config file on sd card

sample rate: 48khz
bit depth: 24
latency: 4ms
power: +12v: 85ma, -12v: 3ma, +5v: 0ma
depth: 42mm

download the users manual here.

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