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sine: silver front panel

price : $149.00

sine: black front panel

price : $149.00


sine is a harmonically pure vco with two distinct outputs.

the primary output contains a perfect sine wave with a wide frequency range and pristine volt per octave tracking. the sub output features two sine tones that can be blended together to achieve a mix of one octave below, or a fifth above the primary output's frequency.

in addition, both outputs have an internal wavefolder that adds harmonic content to the signal allowing for spectrally complex tones within a single module. keep your tones pure (or not!) with sine.

digital architecture ensures harmonically perfect sine wave
internal wavefolding
two distinct outputs
sub output can be octave below or fifth above

width: 2hp
depth: 42mm (skiff friendly)
power: +12v: 80ma, -12v: 4ma

download the users manual here.

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