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we all know that cables probably aren't the most exciting accessories, but they are essentials... especially for modular synths!


ad infinitum black & colored patch cables:


3.5 mm mono patch cables. these fully-molded patch cables are constructed of 26awg stranded copper wire with a low-loss 95% spiral-wound copper shield in a 2.8mm pvc jacket. the copper is 99.99% pure and oxygen-free. the connectors are nickel-plated, providing high corrosion resistance.

for more info and to order your patch cables, click here.



black market modular patch cables:


our low-cost, high-quality 3.5mm (⅛) patch cables are perfect for patching modular synths and other electronic instruments. these cables are packaged in a coil so they do not arrive with permanent kinks. they are stiff but not overly rigid and feature lower-profile ends and slim cabling for comfortable patching.

for more info and to order your patch cables, click here.



doepfer ⅛" patch cables :


please note: cables come only in the color mentioned below.

(6in / 15cm mono; yellow)

price : $3.00

(12in / 30cm mono; black)

price : $3.00

(12in / 30cm mono - transparent)

price : $4.00

(20in / 50cm mono; grey)

price : $3.00

(20in / 50cm mono; orange angled plug on one side)

price : $4.00

(20in / 50cm mono; transparent)

price : $5.00

(31in / 80cm mono; red)

price : $4.00

(47in / 120cm mono; blue)

price : $5.00

(79in / 200cm mono; green)

price : $5.00

¼ to ⅛ adapter cable
(approx. 5 ft. long - black)

price : $10.00

¼ to ⅛ adapter cable
(approx. 10 ft. long - black)

price : $10.00



doepfer midi/din schulz kabel :


MIDI/DIN Schulz Kabel these cables are 120cm in length and 5 pin din in black. the cable outside diameter 4.5 mm appr. with an inside wiring of 4 cores and 1 shield. all 5 pins are wired - meaning that it'll work as both a midi and a din sync cable.

price : $10.00



erogenous tones patch cables (8-pack):


short custom patch cables made to reduce cable clutter when using any of the densely packed erogenous tones modules, or modules from other manufacturers. they are sold in packs of 8.

for more info and to order your patch cables, click here.



expert sleepers glow in the dark jack patch cables:


new from expert sleepers, glow in the dark patch cables in various sizes. standard 3.5mm patch cables work with all eurorack and similar gear. translucent in daylight, bright green in the dark.

for more info and to order your glow in the dark patch cables, click here.



glow worm cables :


for glowing results give the eurorack patch cables about ten minutes of natural light. alternatively you can hit them with a black light for a few minutes and achieve the same effect.

for more info and to order your glow worm cables, click here.



koma elektronik attenuator cable (single cable) :


the attenuator cable is a cable with one jack input socket on one side, an output socket on the other side and a slider in the middle that gives the user the opportunity to attenuate both cv and audio signals traveling between modules.

for more info and to order your attenuator cable, click here.



tip top audio stackcables :


tiptop audio's ⅛" stackcable is the world's first cable that combines low-noise shielded performance with the convenience of stackable banana cables. the patented stackcable provides signal splitting directly on the back of the plug, giving you the flexibility to distribute signals without a multiple module.

for more info and to order your stackcables, click here.



synthrotek patch cable holder:


synthrotek's cable holder 27 is designed intentionally for the eurorack modular market. the "27" is uniquely designed with a ⅝" middle hole intended to fit onto mic stands. it is made of very sturdy american steel and have a rugged textured black powdercoat finish.

for more info and to order your patch cable holder, click here.



verbos logo patch cables:


the verbos patch cables are a high quality and elegant patch cable design manufactured in the standard verbos grey color. they are sold in packs of 5 and are available in both 22cm and 60cm lengths.

for more info and to order your patch cables, click here.



patch cable holders :

pomona model 1508
(orange, 5.33 mm diameter or .210, small size - for ⅛ inch cables)

price : $19.99


pomona model 2708
(blue, 11.43 mm diameter or .450, large size - for ¼ inch cables)

price : $19.99

pomona model 4408
(black, 8.13 mm diameter or .320, medium size - for ⅛ and ¼ inch cables

price : $14.99

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