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cv graphic bundle

price : $380.00

CV Graphic Bundle

the cv graphic bundle ships with the cv graphic module, wii expander and black nintendo wii nunchuck.

the cv graphic is built around an atmega328 chip, an 128x128 oled screen and two dac. the main idea behind the module is to provide interaction between cvs and graphics, where graphics become a virtual partner in the musical creative process. the module is divided in x and y columns with a xy set for each input or output except for the clock clk in. in most of the sketches, the xy cv outs are driven by the xy coordinates of pixels on the screen.

the cv graphic can be connected to a wi nunchuk, please use an original wii nunchuk (nintendo) as some of the cheap 3rd party ones do not work properly with this module's specs. you can connect the wii nunchuk directly on the back of the module or via the wii n expander if you have the cv graphic wii xyzc version. the wii nunchuk allowed advanced interaction with the cv graphic by adding a joystick, a gyroscope and two buttons. all the negative modes (set by the mode knob/pushbutton) required a wii nunchuck, however if you dont have a wii nunchuck you can still use all the positive modes. but just get a wii nunchuck it's much more fun!

cv x
cv y

trigger x
trigger y
cv x
cv y

mode (pot & pushbutton)
pot x
pot y

physical specifications
format: eurorack
width: 9hp
depth: tbd

electrical specifications
power: tbd

in the box
the module itself
wii nunchuk
wii n (2hp passive nunchuk expander module)
eurorack power cable

download the user manual here.

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