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vp-03 vocoder

price : $349.00

VP-03 Vocoder

the iconic vp-330 vocoder in the palm of your hand
the vp-03 is a miniature version of the vp-330 vocoder plus, one of the most popular vocoders ever made. part of the roland boutique series, the vp-03 brings together the worlds of synthesized sound and the human voice, using the latest acb technology to accurately emulate the sound that made the original so influential. the vp-03 has the vp-330's vocoder, human voice, and strings sound sources on board, and comes with a gooseneck microphone. and when paired with the optional k-25m keyboard unit, you've got the authentic vp-330 vibe in a reliable, low-cost setup that's highly portable. there are new features too, including 16 chord memory setups and a voice step sequencer for even more creative potential. whether you want the classic, electro-infused "talking robot" sound or the expressive power of shaping synth sounds with the human voice, the vp-03 puts it all at your fingertips.

new voice step sequencer
the vp-03 includes a new voice step sequencer not included in the original vp-330, which allows you to input a single note, chord, or your voice into each of the 16 steps, with each step comprising up to six notes. the result is a distinctive rhythmic effect that brings dynamic motion to the vp-03. you can use a series of functions to change the order of steps within the sequence for unpredictable and inspiring results. saving your best sequences to a computer via usb is easy using the backup/restore function.

new chord memory function
another new function not found in the original vp-330 is chord memory, which lets you play back chords using just one finger. with 16 locations available, you can quickly store and recall your favorite chords using one of the 16 step buttons. you can also create your own chords and save them into these locations, and back them up to your computer using the backup/restore function.

connect with external gear
in addition to line and headphone outputs (both in mini-jack format), the vp-03 is equipped with a full-size xlr mic input. simply connect the supplied gooseneck mic to fully unlock the vp-03's creative potential, using your voice (or any other sound) to filter and shape the onboard synthesized sounds. you can also connect the vp-03 to other devices, either through the standard midi in/out ports or via a micro-b usb connection that handles both audio and midi data.

optional k-25m keyboard unit
the vp-03 works especially well with the k-25m, an optional 25-note keyboard that takes your music making to the next level. once docked in the keyboard, the module's front panel adjusts to three positions for convenient access to the knobs and sliders. just attach the included gooseneck mic and you're ready to go!

battery or usb bus power
some of the best music is made away from the studio, so the roland boutique series runs on 4 x aa batteries, ready for when inspiration strikes. alternatively, you can use the vp-03 with usb bus power. incredibly portable, the vp-03 weighs just 940 g/33 oz. with the batteries installed.

usb audio interface for direct recording to your daw
via its usb port, the vp-03 also functions as a high-quality audio interface, providing a simple and reliable way of recording directly to your daw application. you can keep your favorite settings and voice step sequencer patterns safe too via the usb data backup function.

user memory
chord memory: 16

volume knob
tune knob
ribbon controllers c1, c2
plug-in power (mic) switch
c1 mode switch

pitch shift section:
time knob
pitch set knob
auto/off/manual switch

balance section:
direct mic slider
human voice slider
strings slider

vibrato section:
rate slider
delay time slider
depth slider

vocoder section:
vocoder on/off switch
ensemble switch
level slider
tone slider

human voice section
male 8' switch
female 4' switch
ensemble switch
attack slider

vocoder/human voice/string common section
release slider

strings section
strings switch
attack slider
tone slider

memory button
116 buttons
play/stop button

ensemble (chorus)

step sequencer
716 steps
16 patterns
6 notes
sampling voice (100 ms)

peak led
signal led

tmic in jack: xlr type
phones jack: stereo miniature phone type
output jack: stereo miniature phone type
midi (in, out) connectors
usb port: micro-b type (audio, midi)

power supply
rechargeable ni-mh battery (aa, hr6) x 4
alkaline battery (aa, lr6) x 4
usb bus power

current draw
500 ma (usb bus power)

expected battery life under continuous use
rechargeable ni-mh battery: approx. 6 hours
* this can vary depending on the specifications of the batteries, capacity of the batteries, and the conditions of use.

dedicated microphone
owner's manual
leaflet "using the unit safely"
alkaline battery (aa, lr6) x 4

size and weight
width: 300 mm (11-13/16 inches)
depth: 128 mm (5-1/16 inches)
height: 46 mm (1-13/16 inches)
weight: 940 g (2 lbs 2 oz)

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