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price : $425.00


acts as a usb host for the manta, allowing the manta to act as a powerful sequencer or keyboard for a modular synthesizer

12 cv outputs (4 high resolution 16-bit and 8 medium resolution 12-bit)

1 gate/trigger input to clock sequencer and arpeggitor from modular synthesizer

acts as usb host for usb-midi devices (keyboards, knob banks, etc -- no manta required!)

acts as usb host for hid joysticks and game controllers (currently supporting the logitech extreme 3d pro)

microtonal scale functionality

led indicators for each cv output

allows note handling from monophonic style up to 4-note polyphony

acts as usb device if plugged into a computer, allowing usb-midi to cv coversion from daws and programming languages like max/msp and supercollider

eurorack format

12 hp wide

5.05" x 2.375", 1.375" depth behind aluminum panel

able to store user presets for midi device configurations and manta sequences

manta sequencer mode provides two simultaneous sequences of up to 32 steps (on two "pages") or up to 16 steps (on a single "page")

manta sequencer mode provides multiple patterns, including up/down, left/right, random, and order touched

alternate banana jack option available (in this case, the board and panel are sent with the jacks not soldered, the end user must assemble the jacks and panel. standard 3.5mm jack version is shipped fully assembled)

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