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price : $250.00

mixiplexer-qplfo ez connect kit

price : $6.50

the toppobrillo mixiplexer or "mixing multiplexer", is a unique hybrid signal routing device that marries the idea and design of a quad-panner with a 4-channel crossfader, otherwise known as an "interpolating scanner"; a flexible 4-to-1 and/or 1-to-4 voltage-controllable "switch" with an adjustable linear cross-fade between channels. possible applications include source location or "position" control in a multi-channel setup, timbre mixing or "morphing" between sources, "soft" (ie. pop-free) switching, nonlinear wave-shaping techniques, and programming.

the mixiplexer is all analog, and has been designed with audio in mind-(though is dc coupled) employing high quality low-noise vcas throughout, with excellent channel separation and gain matching from channel to channel. "off" is really "off" (-100db) and "on" is never greater than unity gain.

many combinations of input/ output routing are possible<<< allows for channel-to-channel routing, 1-to-4 or conversely, 4-to-1 or any combinations therein.

continuously variable and voltage controllable crossfade response or "slope"
four high quality linear vca gain-control elements
normalization scheme allows for easy 1 to 4 routing; patching into channel inputs breaks normals.

12hp eurorack format
reverse-polarity protection!

toppobrillo ez connect kit:
the ez connect kit hooks up between the back panels of the toppobrillo mixiplexer and 4ms qplfo. when pressing the x/i switch of the mixiplexer, the qplfo is put into action by controlling the channels of the mixiplexer. the vca's response still follows the slope control.

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