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qmi2 (quad midi interface)

price : $359.00


the qmi - quad midi interface is now replaced by the qmi 2 which got some small improvements:

there is a new gate input which allows switching between monophonic playmodes m1 and m2 using a gate signal.

the qmi 2 now has three clock outputs (instead of four on the former version). each clock out can be set up individual for sending ¼, ⅛, 116 and ⅛t triggers generated out of the incoming midi clock.

each channel button can generate either a trigger signal with fixed length (10ms) or a gate signal.

vermona's second eurorack module is a very flexible yet affordable midi/cv interface which can be up to four voice polyphonic. you can use it as four independent interfaces or in a mixed mode with simultaneous monophonic and polyphonic modes.

each of the "output channels" has a cv output with 1v/octave, a gate output and two further control voltage outputs for midi controllers like modulation wheel and pitch bend wheel. the output channels can be combined arbitrarily with each other or used totally independent with different midi channels. combined output channels can be unison, monophonic with rotating voice assignation or polyphonic.

there are four clock divider outputs that convert incoming midi clock signals as analog gate voltages. a reset output allows e.g for keeping step sequencers (with an according reset input) by midi start/stop commands in sync.

an important part of the concept is the simple use of all parameters without a display and complicated menu structures.

pitch-cv: 1v/octave
gate voltages: 10v
cv1, cv2: 0-5v (or -2,5v..+2,5v with pitch bend)
legato function switchable per output channel
clock outputs (10v): 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 and 1/8t (can be doubled)
reset output: 10v at midi stop, 0v at midi start or continue

inputs and outputs:
midi input
outputs per channel 1-4: gate, 1v/okt, cv1, cv1
clock depending outputs: reset, ¼ ⅛, 116, ⅛t

measurements and weight:
3u eurorack module
24 hp wide
30 mm deep
current draw 60ma

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